Warren Middle School Releases Honor Roll

Student Name                      
6th Grade
Bryleigh Bickers                   
Nathan Cooper                     
Lily Dawkins                        
Karis Files                              
Raven Harris                        
Dawson Harton                     
Kailey Henry                          
Mysteria Pruitt                       
Samuel Ward                       

7th Grade
Jacey Ashcraft                       
Tyairean Bass                         
Keller Bigham                       
Yoett Campos                        
Stephanie Canuto                  
Zoey Carroll                           
Halley Childs                         
Cade Cobb                              
Annie Figueroa                    
Carrigan Hopson                 
Keely Huitt                             
Ronald Martin                     
Connor McDiarmid           
Olivia Pierce                       
Aidan Reynolds                    
Tony Roque                            
Bailey Solis                             
Hector Torres                        
Leslie Vega                              
Luci Woodard  

8th Grade                    
Clay Barnes                             
Dominic Figueroa              
Ethan Gardner                      
Ruth Jaimes                           
Elaina Reddin                        
Jett Reep                                  
Brooklyn Solis                      

A/B – 9 WEEKS:

Brunson Releases 2nd 9-Weeks Honor Roll

Brunson New Vision Charter School Honor Roll List

Alexsavior Ayala
Joseph Carl
Ashlyn Crawford
Race Frazer
Macy Jarvis
Michael Milton
Daisy Miranda
Anna Mitchell
Adyson Rauls
Jayden Ridgell
Robert Russell
Kamdyn Simmons
Allannah Triplett
Ryann Turner
Loran Vallejo
Taliyah Walton
Alexander Wargo

Brunson New Vision Charter School Honor Roll List
A&B- 2nd 9WEEKS

Ethan Allred
Jaxson Angle
Abby Bailey
David Barajas
Brynn Bickers
Amario Blueford
Sidonna Burcham
Isyss Butler
Daniel Castillo
Delyangel Castillo
Tanijha Chalk
Rustyn Chambers
Braiden Chancellor
Perry Clack
Trai Clancy
Jackson Clements
Norman Cornish
Edgar Cortes
Angie Cortes
Yamel Covarrubias
Logen Crozier
Emily Daniell
Annette Escobedo
Aaron Farmer
Greco Figueroa
Karlee Files
Sarah Forrest
Jordan Green
Treshun Hampton
Bryson Harris
Braxton Hembree
Griselda Herrera
Caliyah Hopson
Hattie Huitt
Cameron Ingram
Johkieric Jones
Ka'marion Kidd
Marterious Kinney
Erick Lazaro
Marlee Mann
William Mann
Christopher McClain
Maxx McGaha
James Miller
Kaden Miller
Naziah Moore
Jaci Morgan
Kaylee Nichols
Victoria O'neill
Naideth Pahuamba
Mahiya' Payne
Alexander Perez
Savannah Phelps
Braylee Pierce
Kolby Pope
Jacob Puterbaugh
Abby Quoss
Abigail Raines
Najaida Rainey
Gustavo Ramirez
Jeronimo Ramirez
Jannah Reep
Ren Reep
Andrew Rhoden
Gabrielle Richardson
Terence Roberson
Harley Runion
Geraldine Sedano
Brandon Shields
Carson Slaughter
Dominic Slaughter
Braeden Smith
Brock Southerland
Nathan Spears
J'ciana Strong
Xymere Thomas
Landon Thurman
Everlyn Torres
Kamari Triplett
Jolie Trussell
Zoe Tullos
Eden Vaughn
Sarah Villeda
Tamia Walton
Alexander Wardlaw
Kevyonna Ware
Cha'sten Warner
Braylen Watson
Cody Weatherspoon
Gauge Weaver
Jake Weaver
William Wells
Alexis Wilkerson
Murphie Wilkinson
Hayden Williams
Mason Word

National Geography Bee Winners Announced

Warren School District Gifted and Talented:  Brunson New Vision Charter School and Warren Middle School Gifted and Talented Students recently competed in National Geography Bee.   Students local, state, national, and international geography.  First place winners from both Brunson and Warren Middle School will move on to compete in the State Geography Bee later this year.

​Brunson Winners:
First Place: Anna Grace Mitchell
Second Place: Kolby Pope
Third Place: Anthony Russell

​Warren Middle School Winners:
First Place: Brooklyn Solis
Second Place: Pierce Wargo
Third Place: Chloe Rauls

Eight Make All-Region Jr. High Band

Front Row:  Left to Right-Noeasha Neal, Harley Latta, Dylan Ferguson, Kayti Goad.  Back Row:  Kayti Goad, Chandler Haynes, Elijah Cortez, Ethan Stanley, and Beau Castleberry.
Eight young bandsmen from the Warren Jr. High Band recently tried out and made Junior High All-Region Band.  They are Noeasha Neal, Harley Latta, Dylan Ferguson, Kayti Goad, Chandler Haynes, Elijah Cortez, Ethan Stanley, and Beau Castleberry. 

DAR Presents Pearl Harbor Program at Brunson

Two members of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented a program to Brunson students of Mrs. Cassidy Cathey in honor of Pearl Harbor Day.  The ladies showed a short film about Pearl Harbor to the students and answered questions.  They indicated that their reason behind their program is that so many children today do not know about Pearl Harbor.

Eastside Sings With Santa

Students attending Eastside New Vision Charter School had a real treat as they had an opportunity to have Santa drop in on them at school.  He wished them all a Merry Christmas.

Fourth Graders from Hermitage Finish Native American Study

Hermitage 4th through 6th grade GT students finished their study of Native American tribes by having their parents join them for a feast of foods representing those eaten by the various Indian tribes studied. Some of the foods were smoked turkey, corn, hominy, sweet potatoes, deer meat, beans, rice and several other dishes The students gave presentations about their tribes and showcased their projects at the parent/student meal. The sixth graders shown with their projects left to right are:Zane Johnson, Salvador Felipe, Reece Reep, John Robert Ellis, Grace Smith and Sayra Martinez. Fifth graders shown with their projects are left to right: Grant Ferrell, Caeleigh Grice, Aislin England, Ana Castillo, Chelcie Grider and Kaileigh Forrest. Fourth graders shown with their projects include left to right: Cadance Vaughn, Joshua Myers, Melvin Martinez and Stella Huitt.
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Warren Gifted and Talented Students Bring Joy in Parade

Warren School District Gifted and Talented:  Gifted and Talented students from Brunson, Middle School and Warren High School participated in Warren's Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 11th.

GT Students Participate in "Socktober"

Warren School District Gifted and Talented: Brunson Gifted and Talented Students recently wrapped up their participation in "Socktober".  Students donated items such as socks, jackets, scarfs, and gloves.  These items will be donated locally.  

WHS Releases Semester Test Schedule

Warren High School released the following semester test schedule:

Monday, December 12-Review Day
Tuesday, December 13- Tests for Periods 1,3, and 5
Wednesday, December 14 - Tests for Periods 2, 4, and 6
Thursday, December 15 - Tests for Periods 7 and 8
Friday, December 16 - Make Up Day

A regular schedule will be run each day.  No test will be given early without specific permission of Principal Bryan Cornish.

Hermitage GT Study Native American Tribes

During the 4th through 6th grade GT class, Hermitage GT students have been involved in the study of various Native American tribes. One of their projects was to create a Native American tribal mask.Pictured with their masks are sixth grade students: Left to Right:Grace Smith, Sayra Martinez, Alijacia Lawson, John Robert Ellis, Reece Reep and Salvador Felipe. The fifth grade students left to right are: Grant Ferrell, Kaileigh Forrest, Aislin England, Caeleigh Grice, Ana Castillo and Chelcie Grider. The fourth grade students left to right are: Melvin Martinez, Joshua Myers, Cadance Vaughn and Stella Huitt.

Reynolds Wins Warren Spelling Bee

Warren School District Gifted and Talented: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade students recently participated in the Warren Middle School Spelling Bee.  After 18 rounds, 7th Grader Aidan Reynolds won first place, and 7th grader Olivia Pierce won second place.  Both spellers will go on to compete in the Bradley County Spelling Bee in January.

​First Place- Aidan Reynolds Second Place- Olivia Pierce

​Warren Middle School Spelling Bee Participants:
Front Row (L-R): Aidan Reynolds, Olivia Pierce, Emma Mann, Aubrey Mann, Layla Gorman, Maeson Jackson, Lily Dawkins
Middle Row (L-R): Brooklyn Solis, Jacey Ashcraft, Raven Harris, Jose Jacinto, JJ Kitchens, Cade Cobb, Mylesha Yao
Back Row (L-R) Carrigan Hopson, Israel Castillo, Trystan Savage, Stephanie Canuto, Ethan Gardner, Kailey Henry, India Young

Hermitage "Happy Feet" Sock Drive

Two special programs at Hermitage Elementary have joined to sponsor a "Happy Feet" sock drive. There is a Christmas tree in the cafeteria and students and teachers are bringing socks to place on the tree. These socks will be given to students who come to school with no socks or to those students who get their feet wet on the way to school. Students pictured are  Left to Right: Thomas Rice, Jr., Reece Reep, Kentavious Jones, Drelon Marshall, John Robert Ellis and Grace Smith. We are hoping to have "happy feet" at Hermitage Elementary this winter. 

GT Students Attend Technology Fair

Warren School District- Gifted and Talented: Several  4th and 5th Grade Brunson New Vision Charter School Gifted and Talented students recently attended the Technology Fair at the Southeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative in Monticello.  Students received training in new technology such as Lunapic, Music Maker, Tux Painting, and Google Earth.  These students will share their new training with their fellow gifted and talented students.

​BNVCS Gifted and Talented Tech Team: Anthony Russell, Cody Weatherspoon, Jayden Ridgell, Amario Blueford, Landon Milton, Kolby Pope, and Reiss Cornish.  Not pictured: Alex Wargo

​GT Students: Kolby Pope and Alex Wargo

​GT Students: Landon Milton and Reiss Cornish

​GT Students: Cody Weatherspoon and Amario Blueford

​GT Students: Anthony Russell and Jayden Ridgell 

Date Change for Inductions

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the National Honor Society and Beta Club Induction has been moved to Thursday, December 8th at 10:00 am. We will still practice with the officers on Tuesday, December 6th at 8:00 am.

Warren School Menus

Hermitage Students Attend Technology Fair

Hermitage 4th-6th GT students attended the Technology Fair held at the Monticello Cooperative on Friday, December 2. These students learned about Google Earth, Lunapic, Storyboard That, MusicMaker Jam, and Tux Painting, They also watched a Virtual Field Trip about Aquariums. Students attending were from left to right: Kaileigh Forrest, Sayra Martinez, Caleigh Grice, Zane Johnson, Chelcie Grider, Stella Huitt and Ana Castillo.

Enrichment Classes Study Spiders, Owls, and Bats

Second and third graders at Hermitage Elementary attend small group enrichment classes on a rotating basis. These students recently completed their study of spiders, owls and bats. Pictured with the display are some second graders who have participated in the small group lessons. These students are left to right: Easton York, Ruben Perez, Aubrey Ramos, Daisy Perez, Ja'Coryion Neal, and Conner Knuckles.

Flute Choir Performs for Middle School

The UAM Flute Choir performed at Warren Middle School on Friday, December 2 for the WMS Beginning Band. The choir is under the direction of Leah Kuhn Venable and consists of flautists from her UAM lessons studio.

Brunson Spelling Bee Winners Announced

​First Place- Griselda Herrera, Second Place- Daisy Miranda
Warren School District- Brunson New Vision Charter School:  4th and 5th Graders at Brunson New Vision Charter School recently competed in their school spelling bee.  After eighteen rounds, Griselda Herrera earned first place and Daisy Miranda earned second place.  Both spellers will move on to compete in the Bradley County Spelling Bee in January.

Inductions Set for Dec. 7 at WHS

The Warren High School Beta Club and National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be held December 7, 2016, at 10:00 am, at the Cultural Center.  

HOSA Tackles Cancer

SEACBEC HOSA helps bring awareness to breast cancer by creating signs for the Lumberjack Pink Out Game. SEACBEC HOSA Advisors are Emily Harton and Kasey Reep. Members pictured include:  Jacob Shipp, Maria Ramirez, and Isabel Densmore.

Warren 3rd Grade Students Receive Dictionaries from GFWC Warren Woman's Club

Dictionaries were delivered to Warren 3rd grade students on Friday, October 28th by the GFWC Warren Woman’s Club members.  The local club donates dictionaries to all Bradley County 3rd grade students each year.  Hispanic students receive a Spanish and English dictionary.